High Pressure Cleaning

In need of a pressure cleaning? The Dirt Hunter specialize in all type of surfaces, whether it be residential or commercial properties that have deep dirt or organic problems such as grime, mold, moss, lichen and mildew, we have the knowhow and experience to getting it looking like new. Again

"High-pressure cleaning is an effective way of cleaning hard surfaces with deep dirt however we may employ the use of nontoxic biodegradable chemicals to eliminate them"

From your roof top to your driveway, we can high pressure clean every inch of your business or properties exterior surfaces.

  1. Fences
  2. Roofs
  3. Retaining Walls
  4. Driveways
  5. Pathways
  6. Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings
  7. Pools
  8. Car park
  9. Tennis Court

Pressure Washing Benefits and value

  1. Safety knowing you have insured professionals performing the service.
  2. Satisfaction Guaranteed: We provide proof of service in the form of before and after photos
  3. Affordable way for adding value back to your property

"Pressure cleaning can save you from spending thousands on repairs and renovation."

Trusted Clients

Some of our valuable clients

"Realtors agree that house washing your property increases potential prospects and property value, especially if you're looking to sell. "

What Our Clients Say

Pressure Cleaning FAQ'S

  • 1. Do you use commercial grade Pressure cleaning Equipment?

    Yes we do. We use pressure washers ranging from 3000+ Psi – 4000+ Psi. All pressure machines can be adjustable to suit the type of surface it is cleaning. We don't employ domestic grade equipment.

  • 2. Will Pressure Cleaning remove deep dirt and organic matter?

    Yes, pressure cleaning will remove deep dirt and most organic matter. In the event that the pressure doesnt remove the organic matter, we would employ a chemical solution to remove it completely.

  • 3. What are the main benifits to having my surfaces pressure cleaned?

    - Increase the look of your property

    - Potentiall increase the value of your property

    - Eliminate potential health issues arising from having organic matter attached to the surfaces of your property.

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