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We service all Brisbane Suburbs with pressure cleaning, roof cleaning , house washing for driveways, Gutter Cleaning, Office Cleaning, commercial and residential plus soft washing for house walls. We can also re-coat your driveway or decks to make them look as good as new!

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1. Experienced, Dependable People: The Dirt Hunter have backgrounds in either residential cleaning, housekeeping or hotel-keeping, and need to keep a quality rating of 4.2 stars or above.

2. Fully Screened and Insured: All our friendly staffs are trusted members of your local community, and are police-checked, Criminal Checked, Registered ABN including GST and fully insured before stepping foot in a client's home.

3. And Happiness Guaranteed: Your happiness is our top priority - We will make assure that we will give you 100% satisfaction for all the kind of services you are in need of.


External House Cleaners Brisbane

We Are Professional External House Cleaners Near Brisbane

Homeowners spend the majority of their time and money on the cleanliness of their interior without much thought for the outside. It’s ironic since most guests or passers-by experience the exterior before anything else, so creating an ideal impression should be at the top of your list. When you consider that the outside of your property has to withstand four seasons in a year that includes harsh conditions, it makes sense to hire external house cleaners near Brisbane. Exterior cleaning isn’t an exercise that you squeeze in during your weekend chores. It requires proper equipment, tools and professionals. The Dirt Hunter has several years of experience cleaning the outside of our customer’s homes and has quickly become the preferred contractor in the region.

What You Should Know About Exterior House Washing Near Brisbane


Understandably, you can’t clean the exterior of your property every week or month, for that matter. However, you must consider house washing near Brisbane at least twice a year to ensure that you maintain the attractive appearance of your home. These are some of the essential components that require your attention.

  • Concrete garage or driveway floors are susceptible to stains because of their porous nature. Vehicle liquids such as oil, antifreeze and grease can negatively affect your exterior concrete floors. In addition, exposure to moisture can lead to the development of mould, mildew, rust or fungus. Before these stains become a permanent feature of your home, you need to recruit a reliable cleaning contractor.
  • Cleaning your windows can be a dreary task with a degree of danger if they’re higher up on the building. However, it’s a chore that you must complete at least twice a year, dependent on your location. For example, if you live near a dirt road or the beach, you’d have to clean the windows more frequently to keep up the aesthetics and prevent rust from setting in for steel frames.
  • Over time, the walls of your property become dirty and unsightly. Of course, its exposure to the elements is partly to blame, but if you discover that there are scuff marks or signs of mould starting to develop, it’s time to wash the walls thoroughly. Instead of repainting, which would be a considerable expense, you can opt for a professional wash-down that will remove unwanted marks and imperfections from your property wall and restore it to its former glory.
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Signs You Require Gutter Cleaning Near Brisbane


Gutters perform an integral function around the property - channelling excess water away from the building safely into the ground. However, similar to your exterior walls, they face the full force of the Australian climate, highlighting the pressing need for gutter cleaners near Brisbane. Since you may not completely understand gutters and their condition, you should pay attention to these signs that indicate you require a professional solution, such as a leaf guard near Brisbane.

  • If you have an opportunity to inspect the gutters periodically, you should. Look at the condition of the fascia boards, shingles and foundation. The presence of mildew or stains indicates that you have a gutter issue. Cracks in the gutter or a build-up of debris may prevent the free flow of water, forcing it to find alternative outlets, inevitably destroying your home. A competent contractor can eliminate this possibility through Brisbane gutter cleaning.
  • The wind is responsible for depositing dirt in the gutter, and when you factor in its exposure to rainwater and sunlight, it’s the ideal environment for growth. Besides, the organic matter could lead to plants developing inside the gutter, which is an eyesore and hindrance to the function of the gutter.
  • Apart from creating the ideal environment for plants to grow, neglecting your gutters can encourage pests to set up their cosy habitat inside. Excess leaves and dirt are precisely what they’re after, and while you may think you’re helping out a friend in nature, sooner or later, a larger pest will come along, which is dangerous for you and guests. So it’s wise to obtain a contractor to gutter-vac near Brisbane and keep your exterior looking neat and clean.
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Benefits of  Roof Cleaning Near Brisbane

Similar to gutters, your roof provides a barrier between the interior and the harsh exterior weather conditions. This exposure naturally leads to a deterioration of the roof’s appearance. It will dull over time and support mould development if you don’t engage with professional roof cleaners near Brisbane. These are the benefits you enjoy when you outsource your exterior roof cleaning to a reliable contractor.

  • The presence of mould and fungi can harm occupants who have respiratory health problems. Cleaning the roof means using a high-pressure device to swiftly remove bacteria and dirt, creating a healthier living space for you.
  • If you’ve invested in heat reflective coating for your roof, you’re probably already enjoying the lower energy bills. However, the gradual build-up of dirt and debris can impact the effectiveness of the roof paint. For this reason, you should consider regularly cleaning your roof, which supports the heat reflective paint and keeps your energy costs relatively low. Additionally, cleaning the roof ensures that you protect the coating from the damage it could sustain from mould or animal droppings.
  • Whether you’re about to place your property on the market or feel that you need to boost the aesthetics of your home, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of cleaning your roof. While adding a fresh coat of paint is an alternative option, it will cost you far more than opting to clean the roof instead. Terracotta roofs, in particular, benefit greatly from a thorough cleanse as algae, mould, and lichen are highly likely to develop on this type of surface.


Why Trust The Dirt Hunter Regarding a Gutter Clean Near Brisbane

We are a reputable exterior home cleaning company assisting clients near Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. We take the time to understand your requirements so we can provide the best possible service. As a local, family-owned operation, we ensure that we exceed the expectations of every client. When you collaborate with us, you can expect a friendly, professional experience.

We provide a wide range of services for businesses and residential clients, which guarantees your peace of mind. In addition, we possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and insurance to ensure that we take care of unforeseen events. Consequently, you’re aware of what to expect before we commence with your project. With our level of experience, our services offer excellent value for money.

You can obtain a complete quotation from us for free, which provides details about what we provide to you. Contact us to discuss your exterior house cleaning requirements.